Off Road Vehicles


Progressive lubrication system, which is a branch of automatic lubrication system, is considered as the most appropriate lubrication metod for off road vehicles along with grease. Using the automatic lubrication systems, sending grease to lubrication points at correct time with correct dosage is provided. Automatic lubrication system allows the lubrication process to be performed while vehicle is operating. By this way a grease film layer is formed. Grease film protects the parts from damage and wear coused by friction for a long time.

Pilot controlled progressive distributors, which continuously distributes grease to its outlets, are used in progressive lubrication principle. Grease is transferred from distributors to lubrication points as long as grease flow continues. Single lubrication period in progressive system is based on working time of pump and dosages divided by distributors. Grease requirement of the lubrication points are provided by using combination of the progressive middle elements along with pump operating time. Every lubrication cycle is done between film layer formation and lubricant loses features. This cycle is repeated as long as vehicle is operating.

ALL-1 electrical grease pump series and progressive distributors are designed to use for off road vehicles in progressive system. If we explain the benefits of using these products togather ;

  • Increase of the service intervals,
  • Less unnecessary down-time,
  • Reduces repair and replacement costs,
  • Fewer production losses,
  • Less wear of the parts,



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