Training seminars

ALLFETT offers free training seminars about technological principles of the centralized lubrication systems.

The purpose of the training seminars is to give basic operation principles of lubrication technologies. Technological knowledge, solution possibilities and installation principles are explained to assist you to boost your business.

All knowledge required for installation, usage and being solution oriented is explained to company personal by these training seminars with all scientific and practical needs.

Some topics of the training seminars ;

1. Importance of lubrication on machines and equipments.

2. Causative factor for lubrication - Frictional force.

3. Bushings and bearings.

4. Positive effects of lubrication systems to cost.

5. Grease

6. Penetration of grease

7. Grease types that used in centralized lubrication systems

8. Oils

9. Oil types that are used in centralized lubrication systems

10. Calculation of lubrication needs for bearings

11. Automatic lubrication system technologies

12. Principles of system elements

13. Pressure loss

14. Progressive lubrication systems

15. Two line lubrication systems

16. Multi line lubrication systems

17. Oil lubrication systems

18. Distributor types that are used in lubrication systems

19. Trouble guides

20. General truble guides for lubrication systems