Fixed Dose Distributors

Fixed Dose Distributors


Fixed dose distributors are developed according to the principle of a single line automatic lubrication system. There are 3 different dosage options for each unit.Fixed dose distributors are used together with flat or square type distribution collectors. Distributor block formed with a flat collector has a maximum of 10 outputs. A distributor block formed with a square collector can have a maximum of 5 outputs. The distance between the distributors and the lubrication points is 2m maximum. In those cases where longer distances are required at the distributor outlets, hose diameters should be enlarged.

Distributor type


Single line type distributor

Operating pressure


Same as pump pressure

Oil types


40 (iso grade) and up to 220 (iso grade)

Dose options


0.1cc - 0.2cc - 0.3cc

Operating temperature


-25°C +80°C


Fixed-dose distributors are mounted on distribution collectors, which are produced in flat or square form, and turn into distribution blocks. A distribution block with a maximum of 10 outlets can be created using flat collectors.A distribution block with a maximum of 5 output points can be created by using square type collectors.


There are 3 different dose options for each distributor unit. Fixed dose distributors are used together with flat or square type distribution collectors to form a distribution block.If desired, units with different quantities can be used within a distribution block.

 40 02 00 01 Fixed dose distributor  MO-10 0.1cc
 40 02 00 21 Fixed dose distributor  MO-20 0.2cc
 40 02 00 31 Fixed dose distributor  MO-30 0.3cc
40 02 00 02Fixed dose distributor block2 outlets
40 02 00 03Fixed dose distributor block
3 outlets
40 02 00 04Fixed dose distributor block4 outlets
40 02 00 05Fixed dose distributor block
5 outlets
40 02 00 06Fixed dose distributor block
6 outlets
40 02 00 07Fixed dose distributor block7 outlets
40 02 00 08Fixed dose distributor block
8 outlets
40 02 00 09Fixed dose distributor block
9 outlets
40 02 00 10Fixed dose distributor block10 outlets