High pressure ALL-600 pumps are specially designed to meet the need of high grease flow needs in dual line systems. Pump element operates as a piston pump and sends pressurized grease to a single outlet. Thanks to the operating principle of pump element, ALL-600 pumps are reliable and durable with long lifetime. ALL-600 pump come standard with a pressure relief valve and grease filling filter. Low level control, direction valve and electronic control systems are optional. Depending on the displacement needs, pump outlet volume can be adjusted optionally.

Motor type : 380 V AC - 0,55 Kw
Working pressure : 400 bar.
Maximum pressure : 1000 bar.
Line direction pressure
(Optional feature)
: 80 - 170 bar.
Line direction pressure is adjusted 
on direction valve.
Motor protection class : IP 54
Grease class : NLGI 0 (-10°C to 0°C)
NLGI 1 (0°C to 10°C)
NLGI 2 (10°C to 30°C)
NLGI 3 (30°C and up)
Pump displacement : 144 cm³ / minute
8,5 liters / hour
Working temperature : -25°C to 80°C
Reservoir capacity : 50 liters



Product numberVoltageReservoirEquipment
10 60 38 00380 V AC50 Liters - StandardStandard
10 60 38 S1380 V AC50 Liters - low levelStandard
10 60 38 S2380 V AC50 Liters - low & high levelStandard
10 60 38 01380 V AC50 Liters - StandardDirection valve
10 60 38 Y1380 V AC50 Liters - low levelDirection valve
10 60 38 Y2380 V AC50 Liters - low & high levelDirection valve


1. Damages that occur during additional transportation after the goods are delivered from ALLFETT to the customer VOIDS THE WARRANTY.

2. Pumps are produced for lubrication purpose only and are not meant to work for more than 2 hours continuously. Working under maximum pressure for more than 2 hours will harm the system. Damages occur from this reason VOIDS THE WARRANTY. 

3. Washing of the components with pressured water causes damage. Any damage occur from this reason VOIDS THE WARRANTY.

4. Pumps have an electrically driven motor. Electrical lines must be connected properly as described in PAGE 10 - 11 and should be applied only by qualified and instructed personnel.

5. All electrical connections and lines must be checked regularly for damage to ensure that they are firmly in place.

6. Damages occurring from voltage fluctuation, wrong electrical installation, connection to wrong voltage VOIDS THE WARANTY.

7. Keeping an uncovered cable(s) during system assembly may cause fatal damages where high voltage is transformed to low voltage. Lines must be connected properly to prevent personal injury and damage to property.

8. A transformer is necessary if there is no “ 24 V DC ”  electrical source. Use minimum 5A current transformer.

9. Only proper NLGI class lubricants must be used within system. NLGI class must be changed according to weather conditions. Use NLGI 0 for cold weather, increase the NLGI class up to 3 towards hot weathers..

10. Only LITHIUM based and EP additive lubricants must be used with in system.

11. Rubber based lubricant types must not be used in the system. Damages or faults occur from this reason VOIDS THE WARRANTY.

12. Lubricant to be used in the system must certainly be clean and any foreign materials must not enter while filling. 

13. Any foreign materials, dirt or small particles while filling may lead to system units failing and possibly property damage to equipments. Damages or faults occurring from this reason VOIDS THE WARRANTY. 

14. Pump must be filled from the grease nipple to prevent dirt entering inside the pomp body. 

15. If the pump works without lubricant, pump elements will send air to the points instead of grease. Because of that any points connected to pump will not get any lubricant. Damages on pump and on the system because that reason VOIDS THE WARRANTY.

16. Disassembling or loosing any part while pump working is prohibited. Any damage because of this reason VOIDS THE WARRANTY. Also for any personal injury occurred from this reason ALLFETT does not accept any responsibility.

17. Another goal of Centralized Lubrication Systems is to protect environment. So it is advised to fill grease to the systems with mobile or hand pumps. 

18. Unauthorised modifications to the units and the use of unauthorised spare parts and aids is prohibited and VOIDS THE WARRANTY. Only maintenance may apply that is described in PAGE 14 - 15. ALLFETT Technical Service must be informed for any other possible troubles and necessary procedures must be performed.

19. ALLFETT Mekanik ve Elektronik Sistemler SAN. TIC. LTD. STI and ALLFETT Pazarlama ve Dis Ticaret LTD. STI. does not accept responsibility for damages described in items above on equipments which ALLFETT systems are installed.



Please click on document below to download instruction and user manual.

ALL-600 ALL-600 Manual