ALL-300 Pump Element

ALL-300 Pump Element


Pump elements are piston type pressure units for electrical grease pumps. Designed to use with ALL-300 series ALLFETT electrical grease pumps. Pump elements are installed on to pump body. ALL-300 pump has 20 outlet option to installing pump element.

Compatible pump types
: ALL-300 series
Max.pressure : 400 bar. (Security valve factory adjustment)
Pump element piston size : Ø8mm
Outlet connection
: M10x1 - Ø6mm
Grease types
: NLGI 00 (-30°C and -10°C)
NLGI 0 (-10°C and 0°C)
NLGI 1 (0°C and 10°C)
NLGI 2 (10°C and 30°C)
NLGI 3 (30°C and up)
Pump element displacement
(Single pump element)

: 8 - 10 cm³ / minute