ALL-10 Multi line

ALL-10 Multi line


ALL-10 multi line electrical grease pumps are manufactured for lubrication purpose only. Pump displacement is variable to provide the required lubrication needs. Optionally obtained pump element(s) create pressurized grease out with different displacement volumes. 1 to 20 pump elements can be added on the pump body. The pump reservoir is manufactured from transparent polycarbonate to allow user easily check the level of grease. In case of the pump installed in a way that the operator cannot see the level of grease an ALLFETT low level sensor can be used to control the level of grease. Top filling application is possible with different filling covers, with or without locking. ALL-10 pumps can be controlled and monitored with integrated electronic control cards. Optional control card feature also displays warnings as broken fuse, fault and alarms.

Motor type : 220 - 380 V AC
Pump outlets : 1 up to 20 outlets (optional)
Max. pressure : 400 bar. 
Motor protection class : IP 54
Grease type : NLGI 00 (-30°C to -10°C)
NLGI 0 (-10°C to 0°C)
NLGI 1 (0°C to 10°C)
NLGI 2 (10°C to 30°C)
NLGI 3 (30°C and up)
Pump element displacement
(Single pump element)
: 5 cm³ / minute
7,5 cm³ / minute
9 cm³ / minute
Working temperature :  -25°C to 80°C 
Reservoir capacities : 6 - 8 - 10 - 12 liters



Product numberVoltageReservoir capacityOutlets
10 22 06 CH220 V AC6 liters 1 -20
10 22 08 CH220 V AC8 liters 1 -20
10 22 10 CH220 V AC10 liters 1 -20
10 22 12 CH220 V AC12 liters 1 -20
10 38 06 CH380 V AC6 liters 1 -20
10 38 08 CH380 V AC8 liters 1 -20
10 38 10 CH380 V AC10 liters 1 -20
10 38 12 CH380 V AC12 liters 1 -20


1. Damages that occur during additional transportation after the goods are delivered from ALLFETT to the customer VOIDS THE WARRANTY.

2. Pumps are produced for lubrication purpose only and are not meant to work for more than 2 hours continuously. Working under maximum pressure for more than 2 hours will harm the system. Damages occur from this reason VOIDS THE WARRANTY. 

3. Washing of the components with pressured water causes damage. Any damage occur from this reason VOIDS THE WARRANTY. 

4. Pump reservoir is made out of transparent material to see the grease level. Painting any part of the pump is not recommended. Any painted parts VOID THE WARRANTY.

5. Pumps have an electrically driven motor. Electrical lines must be connected properly as described in PAGE 10 - 11 and should be applied only by qualified and instructed personnel. 

6. All electrical connections and lines must be checked regularly for damage to ensure that they are firmly in place.

7. Damages occurring from voltage fluctuation, wrong electrical installation, connection to wrong voltage VOIDS THE WARANTY.

8. Keeping an uncovered cable(s) during system assembly may cause fatal damages where high voltage is transformed to low voltage. Lines must be connected properly to prevent personal injury and damage to property.

9. A transformer is necessary if there is no “ 24 V DC ”  electrical source. Use minimum 5A current transformer. 



Please click on document below to download instruction and user manual.

ALL-10 Multi line ALL-10 Multi Line Manual