Integrated Control Card

Integrated Control Card


This electronic control card unit is designed to work with ALL-1 mini and ALL-1 type electric grease pumps. Integrated electronic control unit placed onto motor cover on the pump for easy to use. With this optional control unit working and waiting time periods can be controlled and also it displays alarm and warnings. Electronic control card is created with high quality components which appropriate military standards.

Through the control card cover that has IP 65 protection class, control card can maintain operating in tough outdoor applications. Also remote control option can be applied onto electrical control card so operators can check the system from long distances.

Voltage : 10 - 30 V DC
Protection class : IP 65
Working time period : Adjustable between
1 second to 99 minutes
Waiting time period : Adjustable between
1 second to 99 hours
Warnings : Broken fuse,
Working temperature : -40°C to 80°C 
Product Number : 30 02 EK 00


1. Working time period values shown on LCD display during Green LED (10) is on. Working time period can be adjusted up to 60 minutes. Waiting time period values shown on LCD display during Yellow LED (11) is on. Waiting time period can be adjusted up to 99 hours 59 minutes and 59 seconds.

2. In case of any alarm, LCD display shows alarm type and continued time during Red LED (9) is on. These informations are saved in to control card memory.

3. While programming the control card, time interval for pressing buttons must be in 20 seconds.


Before programming control card, cover screws (1) should be untightened and cover (2) should be removed. After programming cover should be placed again and screws must be tightened.

Two buttons shown in figure above with numbers 7 and 8 is used for programming control card. SERVICE (7) button must be pressed twice to start programming. ADDITIONAL CYCLE (8) button must be used to changing values during programming. Every time ADDITIONAL CYCLE (8) button is pressed the values on program display will be changed. When necessary value is seen on program display SERVICE (7) button must be pressed to save that value to card memory then continue to next step.

WARNING : For more detailed programming instructions please read programming section.


There are 3 electrical sockets placed under control card box. And these sockets are for standard electrical connection (S1), and optional alarm and led connections (S2) and low level signal connection (S3).


* P Connection is for high pressure signal while WORKING period. Same connection is for Additional Cycle button signal while WAITING period. If ADDITIONAL CYCLE button is using externally, button only works at waiting time period by pressing 1 second long.

* If pressure signal recieved over 1 second control card stops the pump motor and gets pressure alarm mode while control card is on waiting time period. After signal is passed control card starts to operate from the time where its stayed.


1. Damages that occur during additional transportation after the goods are delivered from ALLFETT to the customer VOIDS THE WARRANTY.

2. Washing of the control card with water is prohibited. Any damage occur from this reason VOIDS THE WARANTY. 

3. Pumps and other components in lubrication system have different electrical connections. Electrical lines must be connected properly as described in the manual and applied only by qualified and instructed personale. 

4. All electrical connections and lines must be checked regularly for damage and to ensure that they are firmly in place. 

5. Damages coming from voltage fluctuation, wrong electrical installation, connecting wrong voltage to product VOIDS THE WARANTY.

6. Keeping cable(s) uncovered during system assembly may cause fatal damages where high voltage is transformed into low voltage. Lines must be connected properly to prevent personal injury and damage to property. 

7. Transformer is necessary if there is no “ 24 V DC ”  electrical source. Use minimum 5A current transformer.

8. Only use 3A fuse inside the control card. Using a wrong fuse in the product VOIDS THE WARANTY. 

9. Control card works between 10 to 30 DC Voltage. Although there is a protection against high voltage, control card may be break if connected to high voltage power source. Damages or faults occur from this reason VOIDS THE WARANTY. 

10. Using high frequency wireless cominication devices in a 1 meter radius from the card may couse malfunction. Damages or faults occur from this reason VOIDS THE WARANTY. 

11. ALL-1 series electrical grease pumps connected to electronic control card are produced for lubrication purpose only and are not meant to work more than 2 hours continuously. Working under maximum pressure for more than 2 hours will harm the system. Damages occur from this reason VOIDS THE WARANTY.  

12. Disassembling or loosing any part while pump working is prohibited. Any damage coming from this reason VOIDS THE WARANTY. Also for any personal injury occur from this reason ALLFETT does not accept responsibility. 

13. Unauthorised modifications to the units and the use of unauthorised spare parts and aids is prohibited and VOIDS THE WARRANTY. Only maintenance may apply that is described in PAGE 14 - 15. ALLFETT Technical Service must be informed for any other possible troubles and necessary procedures must be performed.

14. ALLFETT Mekanik ve Elektronik Sistemler SAN. TIC. LTD. STI and ALLFETT Pazarlama ve Dis Ticaret LTD. STI. does not accept responsibility for damages described in items above on equipments which ALLFETT systems are installed.    



Please click on document below to download instruction and user manual.

Integrated Control Card ALL-1 Series User Manual