EK-12 control cards are developed to operate ALLFETT central lubrication systems`s installed on road vehicles. For easy usage they are equipped with rotary switches. Working time is fixed to 2 minutes and waiting time can be selected from 5 minutes to 12 hours. Warnings like errors, low level alarm and broken fuse will appear if there is any problems in the lubrication system.

Operating voltage 10 – 30 V DC
Operating temperature   -25°C to +80°C
Working time 5 minute (fixed)
Waiting time 5 min  – 12 h
Warnings Fuse – Error - Alarm
Product No. 30 00 EK 12



1. Green LED (7) constantly lit means control card is in Working Period. Working period is not adjustable and adjusted 2 minutes at factory.
Green LED (7) flashing means control card is in Waiting Period. Waiting period can be adjusted between 5 minutes to 12 hours.

Red LED (8) constantly lit means control card is in Alarm Mode.

2. Female electrical socket (6) is used for electrical connections. Then female part should placed to card socket (5).

3. Control card should be mounted by using Assembly holes (9)

4. Fuse (4) 4A

Working time period is not adjustable and adjusted for 2 minutes long at factory. Only waiting time period can be adjusted. Rotary switch (1) is used to adjust waiting time period, 

ADDITIONAL CYCLE (2) button can be used at any time needed to operate system for 1 cycle.


Waiting time options can be choosen from table on the control card sticker. Rotary switch should be turned to the desired figure. Numbers under figure line represents the value of time. Green led is constantly lit while working time period. Green led is flashing while waiting time period.




1. Damages that occur during additional transportation after the goods are delivered from ALLFETT to the customer VOIDS THE WARRANTY.

2. Washing of the control card with water is prohibited. Any damage occur from this reason VOIDS THE WARANTY. 

3. Pumps and other components in lubrication system have different electrical connections. Electrical lines must be connected properly as described in the manual and applied only by qualified and instructed personale. 

4. All electrical connections and lines must be checked regularly for damage and to ensure that they are firmly in place. 

5. Damages coming from voltage fluctuation, wrong electrical installation, connecting wrong voltage to product VOIDS THE WARANTY.

6. Keeping cable(s) uncovered during system assembly may cause fatal damages where high voltage is transformed into low voltage. Lines must be connected properly to prevent personal injury and damage to property. 

7. Transformer is necessary if there is no “ 24 V DC ”  electrical source. Use minimum 5A current transformer.

8. Only use 3A fuse inside the control card. Using a wrong fuse in the product VOIDS THE WARANTY. 

9. Control card works between 10 to 30 DC Voltage. Although there is a protection against high voltage, control card may be break if connected to high voltage power source. Damages or faults occur from this reason VOIDS THE WARANTY. 

10. Using high frequency wireless cominication devices in a 1 meter radius from the card may couse malfunction. Damages or faults occur from this reason VOIDS THE WARANTY. 

11. ALL-1 series electrical grease pumps connected to electronic control card are produced for lubrication purpose only and are not meant to work more than 2 hours continuously. Working under maximum pressure for more than 2 hours will harm the system. Damages occur from this reason VOIDS THE WARANTY.  

12. Disassembling or loosing any part while pump working is prohibited. Any damage coming from this reason VOIDS THE WARANTY. Also for any personal injury occur from this reason ALLFETT does not accept responsibility. 

13.Unauthorised modifications to the units and the use of unauthorised spare parts and aids is prohibited and VOIDS THE WARRANTY. Only maintenance may apply that is described in PAGE 14 - 15. ALLFETT Technical Service must be informed for any other possible troubles and necessary procedures must be performed.

14. ALLFETT Mekanik ve Elektronik Sistemler SAN. TIC. LTD. STI and ALLFETT Pazarlama ve Dis Ticaret LTD. STI. does not accept responsibility for damages described in items above on equipments which ALLFETT systems are installed.