EK-9 Advanced Time Control

EK-9 Advanced Time Control


EK-9 is an advanced electronic time control system which is designed to use with ALLFETT centralized lubrication systems. EK-9 controls working and waiting time period of pump in second, minute and hour. Optional components such as low level indicator, pressure switches and distributor cycle switches can be monitored. Alarm signals can be connected to external positions from control system. With EK-9 advanced controller, lubrication system can be fully monitored. EK-9 electronic controller is made with military grade high quality components. Control cards produced in high precision with SMD technology that provides longer lifetime and high quality.

Voltage : 10 - 30 V DC
Protection class : IP 40
Working time period : Adjustable between
1 second to 99 minutes
Waiting time period : Adjustable between
1 second to 99 hours
Warnings : Broken fuse,
Working temperature : -25°C to 80°C 
Product Number : 30 00 EK 09



1. Working time period values shown on LCD display during Green LED (9) is on. Working time period can be adjusted up to 60 minutes.
Waiting time period values shown on LCD display during Yellow LED (8) is on. Waiting time period can be adjusted up to 99 hours 59 minutes and 59 seconds. 
2. In case of any alarm, LCD display shows alarm type and continued time during Red LED (10) is on. These informations are saved in to control card memory.
3. While programming the control card, time interval for pressing buttons must be in 20 seconds.

Two buttons shown in figure above with numbers (7) and (2) is used for programming control card. SERVICE (7) button must be pressed twice to start programming. ADDITIONAL CYCLE (2) button must be used to changing values during programming. Every time ADDITIONAL CYCLE (2) button is pressed the values on program display will be changed. When necessary value is seen on program display SERVICE (7) button must be pressed to save that value to card memory then continue to next step. 

WARNING : For more detailed programming instructions please read programming section. 



Please click on document below to download instruction and user manual.

EK-9 Advanced Time Control EK-9 Manual