ALL-5 electrical grease pumps are manufactured for lubrication purpose only. Pump displacement is variable to provide required lubrication needs. Pump system doesn’t have lubricant reservoir. 16 or 20 liter standard grease packing buckets can be used as reservoir. Pump systems plunge lenght can be manufactured for diferent bucket volumes. ALL-5 pumps are manufactured with 3 different sizes grease piston option. Each piston delivers different amount of grese and pressure value to pump outlet. ALL-5 pumps can be selected from 2 principle options which is working with pressure switch or by-pass sysem.

CAUTION : ALL5 pumps are manufactured for lubrication purpose only, for this reason it is not suitable to operate the pump more than 5 minutes.

Motor type : 380 V AC
Maximum pressure :
200 bar.
Motor protection class : IP 54
Grease class : NLGI 00 (-10°C to 0°C)
NLGI 0 (0°C to 10°C)
NLGI 1 (10°C to 30°C)
Pump displacement : (Ø12 piston) 160 cm³/minute
(Ø16 piston) 280 cm³/minute
(Ø20 piston) 445 cm³/minute
Working temperature :  -25°C to 80°C
Reservoir capacity : No Reservoir.
(16 - 20 standard grease buckets can be used as a reservoir.)



Product numberVoltageGrease packingPiston sizeSystem
10 38 16 E1380 V AC16 - 20 liters bucketØ12Standard
10 38 16 E2380 V AC16 - 20 liters bucketØ16Standard
10 38 16 E3380 V AC16 - 20 liters bucketØ20Standard
10 38 16 B1380 V AC16 - 20 liters bucketØ12By-pass
10 38 16 B2380 V AC16 - 20 liters bucketØ16By-pass
10 38 16 B3380 V AC16 - 20 liters bucketØ20By-pass


» Pumps are made for lubrication purposes only and cannot run continiously over 2 hours. Using continiously at maximum pressure might harm the system.

» Washing with pressurized water is not allowed.

» The grease used in the pump should be same as the grease types specified to the model of pump.

» The grease should be Litium based and with EP additive. Pumps can use NLGI 0, 1 and 2 greases. In cold weather NLGI 0 or 1 and warm weather NLGI 2 should be used.

» The grease used should be absolutely clean and all contamination during bucket change should be avoided.

» Contamination during the filling causes damages to pump, piston and distributors.

» Instructions how to install the pump to a bucket are in operations manual which can be downloaded from SUPPORT menu.



Please click on document below to download instruction and user manual.

ALL-5 AC ALL-5 AC Manual